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Your Trusted Drywall Contractor in Kelowna, BC


We Respect Your Home As Though It’s Our Own

Bennison Construction drywall contractors do not make compromises with quality, and this is why people continue to benefit from our drywall solutions. We always plan ahead and pay attention to the smallest details. This way, after you have finished with our service, our results will be durable and long lasting. We are fully licensed and insured. We are also a multi-trade residential service company so you can utilize one of our services or all of them.

Drywall Preparation

  • Prepare Walls & Ceilings
  • Straighten Corners
  • Correct Uneven Walls & Ceilings


Drywall Board Installation

  • Proper Joist Placement
  • Precision Cuts
  • Drywall Lift Used for High Ceilings


Jobsite Cleanliness

  • Cover Flooring
  • Jobsite Ventilation
  • Organized Tools
  • Removal Of Scrap


Drywall Finishing Services

  • Taping
  • Mudding
  • Texturing
  • Sanding 


  • Vacuum
  • Scrape Floors
  • Dust Sills & Wall Outlets
  • Garbage Removal


(250) 801-8735
(250) 801-8735

Why One Company with Multiple Trades?

Simple... When it comes to residential construction, whether it be building, renovations, or servicing. Many times you require more than one trade to complete the job. This usually means having to coordinating two or more companies and having large time delays between them just to get the job done or you are spending extra money on a general contractor that will do that for you. By working with Bennison Construction you can utilize one of our services or all of them. Our team is used to working with each other so projects run more efficiently, which in turn can help take the stress out of your construction endeavor.